Meet us at the next Birdlife Troms’ event (Feb 14)

January 27, 2023

Birdlife Troms is holding their first talk of the year in Tromsø on Saint Valentin’s day (Tuesday, 14 February at 19:00). Wild Lab Project is pairing up with chronobiologist Barbara Tomotani (University in Tromsø) to speak about citizen science and this exciting project. How are songbirds affected by artificial light up here in the Arctic? Does Artificial Light At Night (ALAN) compensate for the lack of sunlight in winter? Does ALAN mess up with the birds’ biological clock, their hormonal system, or their immune system?

Great tit feeding at 23:19 the 4th of January in Tromsø (photo: Barbara Tomotani).

Citizen Science for everyone

Wild Lab Projects and UiT are partnering on this project that will improve our understanding of the effect of light pollution on songbirds. The role of Wild Lab Projects is to make the connection between science and society, more specifically between researchers and participants who don’t necessarily have a background in science or ornithology. After a basic training from us, anyone can participate. And there are lots to do! Maintaining feeding stations up and running, checking camera traps, building nest boxes, marking the birds with different rings, etc. We will tell you all about this exciting project one February 14th (Tromsø Museum, Café Rotunden, 7pm).

Nest boxes for the citizen science Wild Lab Projects on light pollution and songbirds
Some of the nest boxes we built for this citizen science project.
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