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This is an illustration that represents the object: binoculars for observing birds. We highlighted this illustration because we often observe the flora and fauna of Tromsø, this is an integral part of our projects.
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around Tromsø and Senja

This is an illustration of a light bulb being switched on because the NGO Wild Lab Projects is the first NGO in Tromsø to offer participatory science projects, so try your luck and take part in some unprecedented projects!
First in Norway

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This is an illustration of tools for building as the NGO Wild Lab Projects strives to acquire projects that make sense for Tromsø's flora and fauna. Taking part in regenerative activities, even if we're tourists, is a good thing for nature.
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Wild Lab Projects is a nonprofit dedicated to nature conservation, citizen science and regenerative traveling. Regenerative means that the participants who join our projects leave a net-positive impact on the place they visit. One important rule for our projects: the outcome must be real and measurable.


We partner with researchers and co-design projects accessible to all. After welcoming and training the participants, we aim to heal nature, help wildlife, restore natural habitats, raise empathy and grow a community of nature advocates.

Our Shared Responsibility

Tromsø is an incredibly unique city, known as the gateway to the Arctic. It sits 350km north of the Arctic Circle at 70 degrees north. Tromsø is attractive for its nature and for its city life, and is easily reachable by an international airport.

But Tromsø’s accessibility and popularity come with challenges. The city has experienced an unprecedented tourism boom. This frenzy is sometimes perceived negatively by locals used to peace and quiet, and tensions have emerged. Nature is also taking a hit. It is this realization, and our desire to do something about it that brought Wild Lab Projects to life. Now, travelers have the opportunity to contribute to projects that help solve local problems and heal nature. As a visitor, your experience into the Arctic will leave a positive impact and you’ll be part of the change.

Partners and funders

quotes from our partners

“The presence of artificial light at night in northern cities may affect wild animals in ways that we cannot yet predict. This collaboration with  Wild Lab Projects will be key in involving community scientists in monitoring bird populations in both dark and illuminated areas. With the help of citizen science we will be able to understand how the lives of birds are being modified by human presence and activity in the Arctic, which would not be possible otherwise.”

Barbara Tomotani, Chronobiologist, University in Tromsø, Norway

“I have been involved in kelp forest and sea urchin studies for more than three decades, and it is due time for more actions on restoring rich kelp forests on the poor sea urchin barren bottoms still persisting in Northern Norway. We wish  Wild Lab Projects welcome. Together with marine biological research groups they can contribute to bring knowledge on kelp restoration methods, and benefits, to coastal communities further.”

Hartvig Christie, senior scientist emeritus, Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA), Norway

“The collaboration between science and society is crucial if we are to solve the global challenges of our time – the nature & climate crisis. The  Wild Lab Projects’ pioneering work on citizen science allows a variety of actors – from tourism operators, decision-makers, scientists, social organizations and to the tourist themselves – to collaborate on finding more sustainable practices for the world’s fastest growing industry, namely tourism. I am very excited about being a part of these efforts.”

Sigrid Engen, environmental social scientist, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA), Tromsø, Norway

“Understanding and predicting the changes in our local weather due to global warming will be of central importance to society in the coming decades. Many impacts are related to the water cycle, such as the amount and origin of precipitation arriving with storms. I am excited to support  Wild Lab Projects in involving travelers in the collection of climate data, and in creating arenas where conversations between science and society are stimulated.”

Harald Sodemann, Meteorologist, University of Bergen, Norway

“Removal of sea urchins is an effective tool for restoration of kelp forests, but requires large efforts to succeed. When scientists and volunteers join forces, it offers a great opportunity to restore and create consciousness of kelp forests, while at the same time collecting valuable research data through citizen science. As a marine biologist I am excited to be able to contribute with my knowledge in a collaboration with  Wild Lab Projects”.

Camilla W. Fagerli, Senior Scientist, Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA), Norway


“Participation of volunteers or tourists in restoration projects is getting more common worldwide, and in some countries restoration work would not be possible without this. Incorporating citizen science into tourism in Norway is innovative and an important step towards more inclusive restoration work, that at the same time helps to both create consciousness of the crisis we are in, and the possibilities that we have to counter or mitigate this crisis together. I am exited to be able to share and build knowledge together with Wild Lab Projects.”

Anne Mehlhoop, Restoration Ecologist, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA), Norway

Join a project

Snowshoe on Tromsø island with a purpose
Join this snowshoe hike & take part in a research project on the effects of artificial light on songbirds. arrow_right
Recommended Contribution NOK 1250
time4 Hours
Snowshoe near Tromsø & help Arctic owls
Join us for a day to provide nesting sites to three species of owls, and monitor their population. arrow_right
Recommended Contribution NOK 1350
time4 Hours
Snowshoe & sample snow to improve climate models
Hike with us in the mountains and fjords, we'll sample snow & water to help improve weather forecasts and climate models. arrow_right
Recommended Contribution NOK 1250
time4 Hours
Snorkel & restore kelp forests around Tromsø
Help us restore kelp forests while documenting the return of marine life. arrow_right
Recommended Contribution NOK 500
time5 Hours
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