Pauline Garbage has carte blanche

Welcome to our “Carte Blanche” corner, where volunteers, supporters and collaborators can say what they want about their experience with Wild Lab Projects.

“I’m not a nature professional, but I went there with conviction and desire – anything is possible”.

I’ve been in Norway for 1 month now, in the town of Tromsø

My name is Pauline, I’m 24 years old and I’ve just graduated, in July 2023, from a work-linked training Masters in Digital Marketing and Data.

Portrait of Pauline Garbage
Portrait of Pauline

Why did I decide to leave my life in France to travel for 1 year with my partner Léo? It’s very simple: it’s been a dream of mine ever since I started my studies. It wasn’t easy to leave my company, my friends and my family, to leave my daily life and comfort zone behind

Picture of Pauline and her boyfriend before departure for Norway

So my decision had been made a long time ago, but I still had one requirement: I didn’t want to travel just for the sake of tourism. I really wanted to find a non-profit organization specializing in wildlife.

My Childhood

Ever since I was a little girl

I’ve had an unconditional love of animals and I’ve always wanted to develop this. I wanted to take pleasure in studying them, in seeking them out in their natural environment so that I could have the greatest reward of all: finding and observing them. 

I also wanted to learn what to do and how to behave so as not to disturb them in their habitat. I’ve always been sad to see the extent to which mankind can upset nature. With Delphin (pioneer of the NGO Wild Lab Projects), I learn a little more every day. And I also feel a little more every day, the feeling of accomplishing what I’ve always wanted to do.

Pauline Garbage étant jeune avec son animal de compagnie
Pauline and her cat Tina

What do my studies have to do with this?

Quite simply, to be able to put my skills to good use in developing the reputation and image of this business.

Indeed, having already worked in my sector for 5 years, I wanted my digital marketing skills to contribute to raising the profile of an organization like Wild Lab Projects. I’m passionate about what I do and if Wild Lab Projects can benefit from it, I’d definitely do it again.

Pauline lors d'une récompense pour son travail dans le marketing digital
Pauline receives an award for her work in digital marketing

So here I am, working for the NGO Wild Lab Projects

Wild Lab Projects is a new but promising NGO.

Its aim is to enable everyone to take part in regenerative projects in Norway, and more specifically in Tromsø

  • Do you want to travel for a long or short time and are you concerned about the health of nature? 
  • Perhaps you’ve already said to yourself that you’d like to be able to do something at your own level, but you didn’t know how? 
  • How can you combine discovering a country and contributing to positive action for its flora and fauna?
  • Wild Lab Projects simply offers you the chance to discover magnificent places, supervised by scientific educators who are happy to pass on their knowledge of nature. You’ll have the chance to take part in a project that helps science to preserve these places and species. 

    In fact, your participation is a valuable contribution to science and the protection of nature.

    So what could be better than mixing discovery, learning and concrete action for nature? 

    I’m sharing these photos with you to give you an idea of the ‘songbirds‘project:

    we looked at the different nesting boxes that had been installed and played a treasure hunt using GPS to find the nesting boxes in this sublime forest! We even discovered 3 great tit eggs. 

    You can also get an idea of the “cairns” project:

    Thanks to Wild Lab Projects, we were able to access the “Fjellheisen” funicular, which is included in the project and encourages “leave-no-trace” practices in the mountains. Map the cairns and track their progress. And identify the plant species, some of which are on the IUCN red list. 

    Pauline lors d'un projet des cairns
    Pauline during a project with Wild Lab Projects

    You can follow our adventures on Instagram: @paulinegarbage / @WildLabProjects and don’t hesitate to drop us a line – we’ll be delighted to help!

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