Léo Rigollé has carte blanche

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September 23, 2023

Léo moved to Tromsø with his partner to volunteer for Wild Lab Projects for four months. He’s been there for three weeks and he has carte blanche!

“In June 2023, I completed my academic journey and embarked on a new chapter as a professional clinical psychologist, specializing in assisting individuals with developmental and disability-related challenges.

Throughout my final years of study, I put psychological theories into practice to bring about positive changes in my surroundings. It was clear to me that misunderstandings and biases concerning disabilities often come from limited knowledge and preconceived notions.

Recognizing this, I felt compelled to promote awareness among those less acquainted with disabilities. I want to break down these barriers of ignorance through education and work towards the complete inclusion of people with disabilities within our society.”

Three weeks in Tromsø, and already lots of unforgettable moments!

So where does Wild Lab Projects fit into this journey? We both have a common goal: to discover innovative solutions by involving people who are not necessarily experts. And to ensure that information is accessible to everyone, whatever their background.

Measuring a cairn for one of Wild Lab’s projects.

Wild Lab Projects is the ideal starting point for my new trip. I chose this organisation because it matches my passions and serves a distinct and meaningful purpose.

My participation in Wild Lab Projects underscores the fact that we all carry a collective responsibility to raise awareness about safeguarding our natural world. I am also convinced that regenerative tourism can drive positive transformations and contribute to the restoration of our environment.

One of my various offices with Wild lab Projects!

Wild Lab Projects is not just an incredible experience; it’s an enriching journey for me. I’m delving into topics I had limited knowledge of initially. I may not be an expert in biology, wildlife, or ecology, but my involvement is appreciated because of my profound concern for nature and people. Citizen science is tailored to be inclusive, welcoming individuals from all backgrounds, and that’s what makes it so special.

My first night under the northern lights!

I’m a firm believer in this all-embracing approach, and I aspire to apply a similar strategy to advocate for people with disabilities. My involvement with Wild Lab Projects is reinforcing my conviction that active participation in well-planned actions can transform people’s perspectives, whether it is to preserve nature or gain a better understanding of disabilities. I’m more than ever committed to continuing my efforts to raise awareness, foster compassion, and champion inclusivity.”

Léo Rigollé. September 23, 2023.

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